It was True

It was true when they told me I wouldn’t get through a post-a-day whilst teaching… not the most hopeful or encouraging thing to hear, but a blunt sort of piercing truth.  There was no way I could jot down my ‘night before the first day of teaching’ experience because I had more urgent matters to … More It was True


Blogging everyday was not an easy challenge to set myself up for. So far I have skipped two days. I thought for a moment whether I should abandon the challenge altogether so I don’t have to come home each day and groan that I’m going to have to sleep 30 minutes later so I can … More Commitments


What consumed my mind today were thoughts about how I informed about my practice. What on earth was I doing all this time? What was I thinking during my tertiary education, what was I focused on during my teaching practicums? Was I even serious about teaching? … More Reflections