It was True

It was true when they told me I wouldn’t get through a post-a-day whilst teaching… not the most hopeful or encouraging thing to hear, but a blunt sort of piercing truth.  There was no way I could jot down my ‘night before the first day of teaching’ experience because I had more urgent matters to … More It was True

No Title

I don’t know what to write about today. But I can talk about how I’m feeling. The weather here has been extremely hot these days. I don’t remember a summer ever being like this here. 37 degree consecutive days make you want to leave the house. Sometimes the heat doesn’t subside till the morning, but … More No Title

Self Development

I ran the bayrun again last night. I broke my personal record by 21 seconds! I didn’t intend on breaking any records, I just wanted to run. I’m quite happy with averaging at a speed of 6 or so km/hour. But there’s something else that I achieved yesterday during my run. I didn’t complain. Not once. There was … More Self Development

Harsh On Myself

On Saturday (two days ago), I cleaned up my foyer. Boy, it was hard work. So hard, that yesterday when I woke up, I felt my hamstrings for the first time since last year when I worked out at the gym.I felt them this morning too. But I also felt my body sinking into my … More Harsh On Myself


Blogging everyday was not an easy challenge to set myself up for. So far I have skipped two days. I thought for a moment whether I should abandon the challenge altogether so I don’t have to come home each day and groan that I’m going to have to sleep 30 minutes later so I can … More Commitments

Goals and Gratitude

Ahh… That feeling of ticking a box on the To-Do list is so so satisfying.

Today’s To-Do list looked a bit like this:

Make a banana and kale smoothie for breakfast
Cover 90 school books (I’ve been putting this one off for a week)
Read ‘100 Ideas for Surviving Your First Year of Teaching’ … More Goals and Gratitude


I ran the bay-run without feeling like I had to stop halfway, or even three quarters of the way… or even nine-tenths of the way. I felt so proud of myself for the progress I had made in my running/fitness. For those who are curious, I ran almost 7km in 43 minutes 🙂 My personal best is almost 40 minutes (but I realised that’s only when I reeeeally push myself to the limit) … More Accomplishment