It was True

It was true when they told me I wouldn’t get through a post-a-day whilst teaching… not the most hopeful or encouraging thing to hear, but a blunt sort of piercing truth.  There was no way I could jot down my ‘night before the first day of teaching’ experience because I had more urgent matters to … More It was True

I Made Her Pay

Preface: First of all, I’d like to say thank you to the people who read and appreciate my posts. Although I don’t write for a specific audience, it’s nice to know that people are coming and going and that my amateur writing is actually being shared with others.  Now, on with today’s 300 words which … More I Made Her Pay

No Title

I don’t know what to write about today. But I can talk about how I’m feeling. The weather here has been extremely hot these days. I don’t remember a summer ever being like this here. 37 degree consecutive days make you want to leave the house. Sometimes the heat doesn’t subside till the morning, but … More No Title

Self Development

I ran the bayrun again last night. I broke my personal record by 21 seconds! I didn’t intend on breaking any records, I just wanted to run. I’m quite happy with averaging at a speed of 6 or so km/hour. But there’s something else that I achieved yesterday during my run. I didn’t complain. Not once. There was … More Self Development

Lala Land

Two of my friends have quit their jobs to find something they’d rather be doing … but it doesn’t seem like the job hunt is going well for either of them. What is life really about? We all come to this question at the end of everything – why is it that we stress ourselves out so much about finding a job? Saving money? Becoming adults? Why can’t we just clench our teeth together, and have the grit to just do it without feeling uncomfortable about the fact that we have to do it?
More Lala Land