You Know You’re Broke When…

Your piggy bank that camouflaged seamlessly into your room suddenly becomes noticeable, and you take out all the coins and count how much you have in your life savings…

I know people are really sensitive about sharing how much money they have, and some people don’t like to admit that they are low on money. But hey, I’m just writing about it today, because it’s a reality for some of us.

Summer break is almost 2 months long for school kids, and that’s about how long I’ve been without pay for. I haven’t been contracted permanently as a teacher, which means I don’t get paid over the break, and – you know what? That’s fine. I don’t want to be one complaining when I know there are people out there who work 5 jobs to pay bills.

I knew I was going to have to tap into my savings some time during the break. So I am so fortunate that I’m only reaching for my piggy bank now, and not one or two months ago.

Now, why I’ve mentioned all I’ve mentioned thus far is to highlight just how grateful I am to have received a what-seems-like-a-miracle-that-you-only-see-in-movies type email.

And just before I mention its contents; here’s some background info. I signed up as a member to my ex-uni library earlier this year, and paid 75 dollars for the alumni membership (despite the fact that I was already low on funds, I thought it would be a good investment).

The email said:


The *** Library has recently made changes to the Alumni Memberships and are now offering FREE memberships.

We would like to offer you a refund on the $75 membership that you have paid for in 2017.

If you would like a refund please let me know so I can arrange it for you.


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