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I don’t know what to write about today. But I can talk about how I’m feeling.

The weather here has been extremely hot these days. I don’t remember a summer ever being like this here. 37 degree consecutive days make you want to leave the house. Sometimes the heat doesn’t subside till the morning, but by morning the sun’s already out. The heat is intense.

Tonight is another one of those nights, where it’s past midnight now, and I’m sitting at my desk, typing away- and even though I don’t have drops of sweat coming down, I can feel sweat condensing on my skin. How do I know? Well, my elbows and arms are stuck to my desk while my fingers go to work.

That’s enough about feelings. I’ve thought of something to write about.

Since the title of this blog is ‘bteachable’, maybe today I’ll jot down some things I’ve learned in the past couple of days. Here they are below:

  1. I am incredibly sensitive to caffeine. I had a few sips of my friend’s pre-workout drink that he insisted I drink before our 7km run on Friday. I was up to hear the birds start singing at dawn, I saw the sunrise, and I slept at 7.30. Never knew caffeine was an ingredient in pre-workout supplements. Never drinking that stuff again
  2. I am incredibly sensitive to stress. My skin is also very sensitive in the summer. I break out so easily. I never used to like the thought of attributing everything to stress, because my breakouts were so inconsistent, but I have been very stressed about work these days – so maybe it really is the stress. I’ve even been having nightmares about work :S
  3. Bright fuscia, as opposed to bright yellow suits dark coloured skin because it’s a darker hue.

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