Self Development

I ran the bayrun again last night. I broke my personal record by 21 seconds! I didn’t intend on breaking any records, I just wanted to run. I’m quite happy with averaging at a speed of 6 or so km/hour. But there’s something else that I achieved yesterday during my run.

I didn’t complain.

Not once. There was no verbalised “I’m dying!!!”, “I want to stop!!”, or “Oh my gosh!!”. Oh, and no grunting too :P.

I’d really like to continue working on not being a whinger. I’m going to tackle each area of my life, one at a time.

I need to not complain:

  • when I’m driving and people cut in, or when people are driving too slowly, and when people don’t indicate to merge or turn… and everything else…
  • when it’s a hot day/cold day (pretty much stating the obvious there)
  • when I feel as though I have too much work to do
  • when the food doesn’t taste good
  • when I feel as though I’m being treated unfairly – by anyone (friends, family, colleagues, randoms at the supermarket…)
  • when I’m feeling tired or lazy and I don’t want to do anything

Instead of complaining… I need to accept:

  • that there are crazy people on the road. God save their souls
  • that the weather here is bipolar and that’s just the way it is
  • that there is a lot of work to do, and just do it. Start from the smallest/doable task and work my way up the mountain
  • that I’m not entitled to delicious food every meal, and that I just need something to sustain my energy levels
  • that some people can be very mean and unkind – and the way they treat me is a reflection of who they are and not who I am.
  • that life = working your butt off

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