Lala Land

This morning, I bought the Lala Land soundtrack album, and I can’t get enough of it.

It’s the one thing that has kicked my mood back into the swing of things – and I can’t feel more grateful for it. I’ve skipped almost a whole week of blogging… And I feel regretful in a way, because I would love to look back on these posts at the end of the year just to see what I went through each day.

This week, I pretty much came home everyday and just feel like kicking my feet up and being mindless.
I’d wish that time could freeze and that I could without guilt enjoy my time of numb-filled-nothingness.

Two of my friends have quit their jobs to find something they’d rather be doing … but it doesn’t seem like the job hunt is going well for either of them. What is life really about? We all come to this question at the end of everything – why is it that we stress ourselves out so much about finding a job? Saving money? Becoming adults? Why can’t we just clench our teeth together, and have the grit to just do it without feeling uncomfortable about the fact that we have to do it?

I think it’s because there’s somewhere else we’d rather be. We’d rather be comfortable, and not have to worry – be able to go on endless holidays without the thought of a debt we have to pay back, or returning to a job we have to slave away at in order to make ends meet. We would much rather be dancing with Ryan Gosling in Lala Land.

But I wonder, whether we could, instead of feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied with where we’re at, just accept that this… is really just the way life goes.


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