Staying Grounded

The ‘quarter life crisis’ is really a thing. It’s probably called that for a reason.

We all go through it. Well, at least everyone I’ve talked to (my friends from different circles who are in that age bracket) have mentioned in one way or another how they have felt like they don’t have their life together.

Is this just a Gen-Y thing? Or is this really a thing that transcends generations?

Well, for the meanwhile, I’ve put an end to my ‘not-having-my-life-together-against-society’s-standards -misery‘ and I have reconciled these erratic feelings and thoughts.

I need to stay grounded.
Grounded in the fact that I don’t have to necessarily live up to the expectations of society’s standards – because I know that even if I get a permanent/stable job with a stable income; my own place; move out of home; have anything but ‘single’ as my marital status; etc… all these things before I’m in my mid-late 20s – my happiness and peace is not guaranteed anyway.

So, the point is to do the best I can now;
To not compare myself to anyone;
Appreciate the fact that I’m made uniquely;
That all things grow in their own time and place;
That my treasures aren’t here on earth
Where moth and rust destroy;
That I have a spiritual identity that is
Of far greater worth than my my temporary identity
Here on earth;
That my ultimate calling is not in
Climbing the career ladder;
Finding a spouse;
Being the best teacher;
Becoming famous for anything…

But rather…
That my calling is in
Serving others with a humble spirit;
Seeking the interests of others over myself;
Loving the people who are closest to me;
Emptying myself that I may
Lose my life
Only to find it
In the One and Only
Beginning and End.


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