Blogging everyday was not an easy challenge to set myself up for. So far I have skipped two days. I thought for a moment whether I should abandon the challenge altogether so I don’t have to come home each day and groan that I’m going to have to sleep 30 minutes later so I can catch up on my daily blogs.

Since I’ve already titled this blog ‘commitments’, I think it’s very fitting to talk about the fact that my close high school friend is getting married in October!

Commitments are such effort. Relationships. Work. Projects. Goals. They all require some sort of input…  or else nothing really happens, does it?

Looking over my January goals for the holidays this morning (it’s been a couple of days since I’ve thought about my goals), I felt as though some were just going to be unachievable. The days have been scorching hot, and I’ve been running out of energy far quicker than on cooler days. I wondered to myself whether it was a valid excuse to compromise getting things done just because I feel hot and out of energy.

I did, however, manage to keep up with my exercise regime. I went out last night and walk 7km – despite the fact that the heat wave had not yet dissipated.

There’s only about 2 weeks left until my first day of teaching at school, so I’ve really got to start getting the ball rolling with my preparations for work.

Whilst I haven’t been so avid with keeping the floors dust free, or my laundry done as frequently as I wish for them to be done, I spent some time today looking up a cheap printer online – which, luckily I managed to find – pay for (because that part is important) – and bring home.

It’s crunch time.


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