Forgiveness at Work

I had my first very interesting experience on Carousell in the past 2 weeks with one buyer. (Carousell is an app where you can sell and buy items in a non-commercial way).

**Name** has offered $5 for your item.

I was unsure whether I should be my friendly self  or play it cool in replying. But, I opted for the latter. I’m here to do business. Yes. Even if it’s only worth five dollars. I decided to play it cool – with no emojis. Let’s get this sorted swiftly, I thought.

But it was so. so. difficult trying to get this transaction happening because he was so inconsistent with his messages. For a pair of 5 dollar sunnies – Damn son! Just buy them!

Then instead of meeting up with me to complete the transaction, he made an offer for a shirt that I put up for sale. Altogether, that will be $13, I said.

It was a deal.

But it was so. so. difficult to get this transaction happening because – again! He was so wishy washy with the meetup time and location. Arh!! Our destined meet up place was altered several times, and meet ups were cancelled because, on one occasion, he had to pick up his sister from the airport. Thanks mate, it would have been great if you had told me earlier.

To cut a very long and winding story short, we did the meet up today (after about 2 weeks). Had a few last minute changes on his part (rolls eyes), but we got there eventually, with much patience and controlled breathing.

We spotted each other. Then he gave me the friendliest greeting, and a warm handshake, as if nothing ever happened. Did he really have no idea what he put me through? Maybe he really just had no clue. In that case…


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