Using Facebook

Woops. I just lost about a hundred words because I accidentally pressed control Z, and because WordPress automatically saves, I couldn’t get back to the 100 words that I wrote.

😦 sad.

Oh well. Here’s today’s 300 word post:

I didn’t have anything to write about but I just thought of something. I was just on facebook for the first time in the longest time ever. During high school, facebook was my virtual reality (sad sad). It was all about saving memories, cherishing birthday messages, staying connected and feeling a sense of belonging to others. In retrospect, facebook was a tool for self-validation. I think I’m mature enough to admit to that now.

Since deleting that account – with all its beautiful and ugly history, and my almost 1000 friends (how many of them were really friends?), I am now back on it because I realised how important it is to stay in touch with people. I use it completely differently to the way I once did, though. I don’t upload photos, I don’t change my profile picture every month – in fact I haven’t changed it in the past couple of months – and I have manually unfollowed everyone on my friends list so I don’t see their updates unintentionally. I only follow news groups or hobbies/interest groups.

People don’t reeeeally need to know what is going on in my life. I don’t have to display it anywhere for anyone to see. I don’t need people snooping in on my life, and I don’t have to accidentally stumble across all of anybody’s major, AND minor (daily/minutely) life events. I’m not saying that people who do share their life with facebook are bad; there may be a reason why they do it. I am just saying that I personally prefer to keep things on the down low.



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