Goals and Gratitude

Ahh… That feeling of ticking a box on the To-Do list is so so satisfying.

Today’s To-Do list looked a bit like this:

        • Make a banana and kale smoothie for breakfast
        • Cover 90 school books (I’ve been putting this one off for a week)
        • Read ‘100 Ideas for Surviving Your First Year of Teaching
        • And make a blog about it
        • Design classroom
        • Sleep before 00:00 (it is currently 23:22 so we’ll see)
        • Revisit goals
        • Have a break
        • Plan the week ahead

What I’m grateful for today:

  • Having my sister back.
    • I think those 18 days apart have made us appreciate each other more. We have breakfast together, do the laundry together, share the chores without grumbling – it’s fantastic! 🙂
  • My uni friend who is also a teacher now.
    • We’ve been catching up on instagram, and she’s been giving me some moral support on going about these holidays before I launch as a full time classroom teacher.
  • Not having to spend any money.
    • Staying at home means that unless you are buying things off the internet, you are essentially not having to pay for anything else (apart from the bills). I need to save every penny I can to buy teaching resources when I need it! My teacher friend advises me to buy a staple gun for my classroom…
  • Being able to get things done.
    • I’m so good at procrastinating. I could have covered 30 books and dealt with the remaining 90 tomorrow and spread it out across the week. Thank God I didn’t. Tomorrow I know I’m going to be thanking myself (and my sister) for just doing it.
  • Getting the groceries done yesterday.
    • I didn’t have to go out today, and I had ingredients to cook up some healthy meals, which in turn is helping me achieve my goal to be healthier this year!


23:34 – Out


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