Unfortunately it is too late in the evening (or should I say night- as it is past midnight) to spend time and energy trying to write an eloquent or even a cohesive piece.

Today I felt a sense of accomplishment for the following things:

  • Take the train (yes, the train that I haven’t taken for so long upon getting a car) to my university’s library which I haven’t stepped foot in for about two years now. I paid $75 for an alumni membership so that I can borrow books and nourish my brain with rich literature and information about the world.
  • I bought some more brush pens at the dollar store to work on my handlettering (just as a hobby).
  • I ran the bay-run without feeling like I had to stop halfway, or even three quarters of the way… or even nine-tenths of the way. I felt so proud of myself for the progress I had made in my running/fitness. For those who are curious, I ran almost 7km in 43 minutes 🙂 My personal best is almost 40 minutes (but I realised that’s only when I reeeeally push myself to the limit)

I had a nice chat with the friend I ran the course with. It went along these lines:

Friend: Sounds like you’re more driven. I told you, it was all a matter of time. It happened to you sooner than I expected.

Me: Really!? Yeah, you know what? I do I feel like I’m a lot more driven actually. I think living by myself for this little while has really given me time to think about my life and do something about it.

This is such a huge contrast to the kind of conversations we were having towards the end of 2016. The hardships of 2016 have made me who I am today.


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