We are obsessed about them.
It’s what we talk about, what we think about, what we strive for.

We try to get it right, but it’s no surprise when we do get it wrong.

We give, and we get nothing in return. We give, and we hurt.
We take, and we feel loved and cherished. We take, and we hurt the person we take from.
Sometimes we give and we take – and all is at peace.
But sometimes there is no peace. All but anxiousness, and fear –
fear that we will give and be rejected instead.

Depending on who we are, how we are related to another, and others’ perceptions of us –
there are expectations that people have of us. The problem is, we cannot read another person’s mind. We sometimes cannot gage what others expect of us.
Even though we love them, and profess that we love them, we hurt them – or they hurt themselves, because we could not satisfy their expectations – all because we did not know – all because they had expectations when they shouldn’t have had them. Or so we think.

But we have expectations too. Not because we forced ourselves to have them, but because deep inside, we crave to be accepted and valued by others. We invest our trust into people who we consider is able to provide us with a sense of security.

How easily that trust can be broken. Words cannot mend, sometimes time even cannot.
We are but left with regret, resentment, and desire for vengeance.
Take, take, take. That’s what they did. We blame. We curse.

Yet – when we do, we take from ourselves.
We hurt ourselves because we still have not given what truly must be given.
And that is forgiveness.

There is no greater gift than forgiveness.

For give.



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