$110 lesson

“Honk Honk”.
Dad’s outside.

Yes okay! I get it, I’m coming!
Hurriedly puts on socks, grabs bag by the shoulder strap, slips on converse shoes and slams the door shut. 

And then I freeze.

Hannah. You just left your keys hanging on the hook. You’re not driving today, but your house keys are with your car keys. Do you have a way back in? Esther’s in New Zealand and won’t be back until Saturday

Yikes. Let’s pray the back door is open today. Fingers crossed. 

Walks down the stairs and greets dad.


Home. Dad leaves.

I walk to the back door, open up the fly screen door. I press down the handle and push.
The door won’t open… It is locked.


I message my sister who’s in New Zealand. I message my friend who lives an hour away.
I have no keys to drive my car, and OH. MY PHONE IS ON 1% – couldn’t be any more like a thriller movie. I quickly send a couple of people a text telling them I’m locked out.

What is that going to do? My screen blacks out. It is finished. I didn’t even get to save anyone’s number onto paper. I’m screwed.

My survival instincts tell me that I need to go to my friend’s place and charge my phone.
At least it won’t be a surprise if I go.


I walk to the train station.
The train arrives in 20 mins. No book, no phone.
Ah, I have a notebook. Excellent.
Drat. I left my pen in the car.
Let’s just watch the clouds.


Arrived at my friend’s house. I charge my phone.
Message: “Maybe you could call a locksmith

Google ‘locksmith’.
Call the locksmith.

I’ll be there in about two hours.


Lesson learned: Always always have a plan B.


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