I am Hannah

I graduated high school in 2009, which makes me 8 years out of high school. Today I caught up with some of the friends I graduated high school with, and we got to find out that some things… just… don’t… change. 

During these past couple of weeks, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve changed as a person, and how I am much more independent and organised and less of a scatter-brain than I used to be. But today, all that accumulated self esteem was poured into the drain, like the water that leaked ceaselessly from my hot water system.

Today I fooled nobody with the 2 minutes I spent trying to convince my friends that my ticket did not come out of the ticket machine after I paid the $7.00 for my parking. I double checked my wallet after examining the machine – took out all of my cards before the many pairs of eagle eyes – and found it wedged in the most unlikeliest of places  – the notes compartment.


Thinking to self: Here it comes. 

Chorus: “Aaah,, Hannah…”


These were the same two words (or word and a half) that I heard during most of my high school days for when I couldn’t find my train ticket, my wallet, etc…

In an instant I felt that maybe I really hadn’t changed after all. I honestly haven’t done something like that in a very long time, which made the happening seem so foreign and peculiar to me. But obviously to my friends, who I only see every once in a blue moon – and who hadn’t witnessed any of the progress I have made – I was still the same old forgetful scatter-brained Hannah from high school.

I swear it is always when I am with my high school friends, and never any time else…

So bizarre, right?


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