The Start of a New Year

It’s actually the 2nd of January now. We usually say time has flown when it reaches the end of a year, but gee… time has flown. It is already the 2nd of January.

I still have no idea how this blogsite is going to end up. I imagined myself starting up a teaching blog. I thought ‘bteachable’ would suit a teaching blog perfectly. But, I think a teaching blog might be too much of a commitment for someone who is not as passionate as those famous bloggers out there. Of course, there are the people who would tell me to start one anyway ‘because you never know what will happen’. That’s true. But I’ll think about it again later.

I don’t know whether it has something to do with staying indoors, but I’ve been thinking way too much lately. Cleaning up around the house has been an effective antidote in curing my crazy spiral of emotions, but I’ve realised that it’s not a permanent fix. You are momentarily distracted by your sense of self-accomplishment, and then you move onto the next couple of things on your mental to-do list, and there it begins again.

I’m going to officially commence work as a full-time class teacher on the 30th of January. I feel nervous. I wonder if I’ll be a ‘good’ teacher (whatever good means). The weight of responsibility is getting to me. I fear becoming tied down, and feeling dissatisfied. I worry that I might want to give up half way. I wonder how I’ll get by. Will I have support? I’m scared that I’ll screw up – despite believing that mistakes help you to learn and grow. These are just the thoughts and feelings that come and go – and now that it’s January, the countdown has begun.

Tick, tock, tick…


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