First Post

I’m going to try to write 300 words every day, with as little revising as I can. The point of doing this is just to prove to myself at the end of the year that I can maintain consistency in different aspects of my life. I don’t know who is going to read this, and I’m not doing it for a particular audience. I’ll call it a little personal experiment on a journey to self discovery and development. As Brene Brown puts it

Vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity and change

I’m usually the type to justify everything that I do – so that I can save face and not feel anxious about people judging me for making foolish, outrageous decisions, or that I am doing something that some people may consider attention seeking. Even now, I feel the need to explain why these blogs are going to be publicly posted, and justify why I didn’t just opt in to writing these entries onto Word and keep them saved on my desktop for my own personal viewing.

Whatever. I’m just going to do it – and I’ll see what I get out of it by the end of the year. I’ve always felt accustomed to writing blogs, since my high school days. Some people don’t understand how people could be so open and raw on the www. Well, I just think that people are people – and everybody feels – and feelings are relatable. One’s writing invites you into another’s world and helps you see outside your own view of the world. So if you have stumbled across this page, I hope that you leave with a more open mind, or a desire to be more understanding of others, or a sense of peace in knowing that you and I are both perfectly human.


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